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My name is James F. Gauss.  I have been writing for publication for 50 years or since 1961.  But my writing career almost never happened.

My Early Experience.  As a freshman in college I took an English course my first semester.  Fresh from high school three months earlier I considered myself a decent student of my native tongue.  As a big part of the class we were required to write one or more compositions each week.  A suitable and easy task, I thought.  However, my professor was quick to convince me that I was misinformed and that I knew little if anything about the “King’s English.”

No matter how hard I tried to assure him of my grasp for the language of America, he proceeded, with each and every submission, to bleed red ink of corrections all over my papers.  On numerous occasions it seemed that his copious red ink superseded the blue ink of my efforts.

Until this course I had no idea that there could be a grade lower than “F” until one of my papers received an “F minus, minus“.  It was truly humiliating and discouraging.  Somehow—perhaps through the professor’s pity or strong desire never to see me again—I escaped that course with a “D – minus”.

Putting Failure Behind Me.  Undaunted by that near failure, when I returned for my sophomore year, I decided to change my major to a scientific field, not realizing I would be required to write even more term papers as a significant part of my grade.  At the same time I decided to sign on as a sports reporter for the college newspaper, although I had no such experience—I just loved sports.  My primary role was to interview star student athletes and write feature articles about them.  My efforts were applauded by newspaper staff and fellow students.

Virtually all the scientific papers I wrote that year for multiple professors received an “A” with encouraging comments about my writing style.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree “With Distinction” in Horticulture, I moved on to graduate school where three years later I earned a Ph.D. in Vegetable Crop Production & Physiology.  During those three years my scientific writing became more defined and the first version of my thesis was accepted with only minor corrections—a feat only dreamed of my peers.  Out of that thesis I wrote two scientific papers that received national awards for the “Most Outstanding Research in Vegetable Crops.”

Forging Ahead.  Since that first frustrating encounter with college English, I have doggedly forged ahead, authoring and publishing hundreds of articles for professional journals, trade publications and popular magazines, university publications, newspapers, educational materials, newsletters and books (most of which are listed below).

My first book was published in 1998.  Since then I have written 15 books.  I trust you will find one or more to your liking below or at least take the time to read an excerpt or two.  As you will notice, I do not confine myself to any one genre or subject; although most of my writing emerges from personal experience or research (see my Biography for more details).

Most of my published works follow a Christian theme of faith and encouragement.  Others are designed to inform and educate.  Many of my books have received high praise and endorsements from well-known people and the general public.  But, you, of course, will have to determine their worth for yourself.  Each book link below will enable you to preview more information about a given book and read a few excerpts.  While most of my books can be ordered through your local bookstore or online from many Internet bookstores, each book will have a specific link for quick order and delivery.  The majority of my books are also available on Amazon.com as Kindle e-book downloads.

Over my writing/publishing career I have spoken at national and regional conferences; written hundreds of newspaper articles and columns for small, regional and nationally distributed newspapers and magazines and participated in numerous radio and television broadcasts, such as WGN-TV (Chicago), TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network, ABN (Aramaic Broadcasting Network) and many others.

Since 2008 I have also been the author of a blog at https://ampatriot.wordpress.com offering articles of Christian and political perspective as they apply to current and future events.

Thank you for taking the time for visiting this site.  May you find something of interest and value for yourself or someone you care about.

James F. Gauss, Ph.D.

Books Published:

A Champion’s Heart: Qualities for Success in Life & Sport  (Devotional/Gift Book; 8 & up)

Be Pruned: To Bear Fruit That Will Last  (Bible Study/Devotional)

Bond Slaves: Confessions of Hard Core Bikers  (Testimonial/Evangelism)

Hop-A-Long: Abandoned but not Forgotten  (Christian fiction; 12 & up)

I Remember When . . . Growing Up in Post-World War II America (Nostalgia; humorous childhood memories) 

Islam & Christianity: A Revealing Contrast  (Comparative History)

Overcoming the Storms of Life  (Bible Study/Devotional)

Revelation 18 and the fate of America (History and America in Prophecy)

The Catholic Church: Why I Left It  (Bible Study/Comparative Religion; also in Spanish)

Wall of Separation: Jefferson’s Intention or Judicial Fabrication?  (Early American History; Constitutional)

We the People, Volume I: Laying the Foundation  (Early American History; pre-Constitutional)

We the People, Volume II: Birth of a Nation  (Early American History; Constitutional)


One Response to Welcome to my Book Blog

  1. Looks like I should have gotten Jim’s autograph before he left Owatonna. Worked with Jim on Habitat and I will say that it was a pleasure to have been associated with him. At the time, I did not realize that Jim was such a talented author. I want to wish a great guy all of the success in the world on his recent publications. Would like to hear some tales of Jim’s local adventures .

    Dick LaLonde

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