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“. . . the premier, universal authority on Islam today.

“This is now the book on Islam!  Unlike other books on the topic, it shines a blazing spotlight on the true nature of Islam by comparing it with Christianity point by point by point.  It doesn’t just discuss Islam and then leave you to try to piece together the comparisons.  Probably every question you ever had about Muslim beliefs, history, attitudes, and actions is answered in Islam & Christianity–concisely, without wasting a word.  You’ll find it difficult to put down this solid, even-handed book.  And I doubt that any thinking person could remain a Muslim after reading the real story here.”

James Rutz, author, Megashift; President, Megashift Ministries; Chairman, Open Church Ministries


“Islam & Christianity is a trumpet blast of warning to the West about the imminent spiritual and geo-political threat of Islam.  A classic in-depth study of the contrasts between Christianity and Islam, this monumental work is required reading for anyone wanting to understand the greatest struggle for the souls of men in the 21st Century.”

Rev. Peter Marshall, Peter Marshall Ministries


Islam and Christianity provides a very thorough theological comparison of Christianity and Islam.  Dr. Gauss goes into great detail relating the beginning of Islam, its writings and beliefs, in sharp contrast to the Bible and Christianity.  For someone who loves theology, has contact with Muslims and would like to be able to intelligently discuss the difference in beliefs, this would be a great resource.”

Tom White, Executive Director, The Voice of the Martyrs


“In an age when the moral equivalence of Islam and Christianity is a dogma that must not be questioned and forms a non-negotiable prerequisite for the public debate, Islam and Christianity comes as a detailed exposition of why they are not equivalent, and why the devout adherents of each may behave in such very different ways. Christians will find this book an enlightening and energizing response to the Islamic jihadists’ civilizational challenge.”

Robert Spencer, author of the New York Times bestsellers, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad


“In every generation, satan raises forces to combat the truth of God and His eternal Word.  These forces of darkness are framed within a religion, a philosophy, an ideology, or a political movement.   The most forceful of them all is religion.  If a religion does not touch the Gospel, its purpose is only the damnation of its adherents.  But when religion contradicts the Gospel and also claims superiority over it, then we have an anti-Christ force.  Islam is precisely this, an anti-Christ spiritual force. 

“The church does not have a pretty history in its combat against Islam.  Turkey, Syria, Spain, and Albania are some of the examples of our defeat.  These nations were the center of Christendom.  What happened then is currently taking place in Great Britain, Europe, and the United States of America.  The church became self-centered, indulging in a worldly life, and losing its love for the truth.   Consequently, in such spiritual conditions, there will be only a remnant of voices crying out on the roof tops the truth of one true God.   These faint voices are men and women who love their God and love the souls of men.   They refuse to remain in the status-quo.   They are men and women of great conviction.

“Dr. Jim Gauss is one of these voices, raising up a banner against the lies and deceptions of Islam.  For a non Muslim to write accurately about Islam takes a lot of research and much study.   I commend Dr. Gauss for his accurate description of Islam and his great love for the Muslim people.  May this book become an arrow in the heart of Islam, exposing the darkness of this evil religion, and may it open doors of freedom to one fifth of the world’s population.”

Pastor Reza Safa, A former radical Muslim; Author of Inside Islam


This book is an important read for Americans regardless of their religious beliefs. As James Gauss explains, the threat from Islam is based on a 1400 year old theology which Gauss outlines in the most understandable terms of any book I have read on the subject. The book debunks many of the myths about Islam that have created confusion for Americans in general and for Christians specifically. I will use this book as a reference for dialogue on the subject of Islam. I highly recommend this to all.

Lt. General Jerry Boykin (Ret.)


About James Gauss

Author, journalist, speaker with 40 years of experience and publication. Author of "A Champion's Heart", "We the People, Volume I: Laying the Foundation", "We the People, Volume II: Birth of a Nation" and "Islam & Christianity: A Revealing Contrast."
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